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Stealth Attraction Review

If you want the quick answer on whether Stealth Attraction is worth buying, the short answer is yes.  If you have a few minutes to read on I highly suggest you digest the information I’m about to share with you. Having said that, if you have no time then I recommend you go ahead and check out Stealth Attraction now.

Below is my honest and Stealth Attraction Review and was concluded after a lot of testing in the real world.

So what about Stealth Attraction?

Well when you access the above program it actually includes 4 different programs, Stealth Attraction just being the main one, but the others definitely having some value too.

Stealth Attraction is described by the guys selling it as a “rejection proof system” for picking up women.  The funny thing is that when you watch it you’ll see that it is relatively simple but very counter-intuitive, the information is not to be seen anywhere else.  So when I watched it, I could imagine it working.  I’ll tell you what happened when I actually tried some of this stuff later, but it was off to a great start.

Part one of Stealth Attraction is all about what to do before you approach the chick, stuff to make you stand out from the crowd and basically make it so that your value is higher than all the other guys.  There are lots of cool tricks in here, and you’ll be able to see very quickly that Gambler (Richard La Ruina) actually does this stuff, it’s not just some theory he came up with and writes on a whiteboard.  So he teaches you how to raise your value, then he teaches you how to approach.

BUT the killer thing here is that it’s different from all the other ways that guys tell you to approach.  This was the one part of the product I was actually skeptical about, I wasn’t sure it would actually work in the real world, but every time I’ve tried it, it just worked.  In the members area, other guys ask whether it will work or not, and then other guys talk about how well it works.  Basically until you try it, you might not believe it, but trust me, it works every time (at least in the 20 or so times I have tried it it has worked!).

Part two of Stealth Attraction is all about once you have opened.  This is my favourite stuff.  There is some wonderful material on conversation.  Some hilarious lines, some neat tricks, and again tons of new stuff that you can tell would work very well just by watching it and then actually work super super well when you put it all into action in a bar.

The best part

My favourite part of the program is in this section too, it’s the stuff that he teaches on how to touch, how to go for the kiss, and basically how to get physical.  It is actually pretty fucking insane what he does.  He is pulling down her knickers, pinning her against the wall, touching her boobs and pussy, but all in a way that would actually work.

By the way, at this point he is demonstrating on a girl and you can see that she is becoming genuinely turned on.  A lot of guys comment that she must have had sex with him right after they stopped filming.  Sure, she has been hired for the job or whatever, but there is no hiding genuine attraction.

So anyway, back to the program.  We have covered pre opening, opening, conversation, physical escalation, and now all that is left is getting the girl out of the club and back to your bed.

Now this bit is a little sneaky.  Some very moral guys bitch and moan about the way he does it.  He’s using some NLP and psychology stuff here, but his take is that you can never say “let’s go back and have sex at my house” which I kind of agree with.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t like the way he does this.  He does seem like a good guy though and disclaimers this part in the video but still just saying you might not like this.

Yes! It does work…

So there we have it, that’s what is in the program.  It is actually a complete system, it is totally new, and it does work.  So what has happened since I used it?  Well I can open very very easily now.  I used to have a lot of fear about approaching women I am attracted to, but I can honestly say that since I watched “Stealth” I have appraoched every girl I have been attracted to each time I have been out, without any of that fear.

I’ve managed to get the fastest make-outs that I’ve ever had, and I’ve also had much higher success in getting chicks back to my house.  One of the best side-benefits of this, is that on dates with girls I’ve used the conversation stuff to make them laugh so hard, and this was a real problem for me before, some of my dates were boring as hell.

So there we have it guys, an in-depth stealth attraction review. It really is the best thing a guy can watch to get good with women.  It’s as simple as that. You are learning from a guy who has figured it out, and has now made it simple for you to follow step by step.

So again, here is that link:


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